Home-based Businesses

Home Business

The rise of the Home Business

In  August 2014 the government announced significant changes to the application of business rates to home-based business, exempting up to 70% from any liability, along with the simplification  of planning permission rules, subject to certain restrictions. Click here for more detail:- https://www.gov.uk/government/news/backing-for-home-based-business-boom

It’s simple to start a business from home and growing numbers of people are doing it. There are 2.9 million home-based businesses in the UK and they contribute £300 billion to the economy.

As part of its long-term economic plan to back businesses, the government has made it even easier to start a business from home. Click Here for more details on government support for home base business:- http://www.greatbusiness.gov.uk/home-businesses/