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First Independent Finance


Who we are

Incorporated in 1999, we have been servicing the business finance market for many years and we are proud members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.

Whether it’s an asset finance transaction, a commercial mortgage, invoice finance, a personal car loan, general business insurance or a quirky finance deal that needs someone to listen, we are there for you.

We can help you make a confident choice in selecting the
most appropriate product for you or your business.

What we do

Our success has been built around the delivery of simple, easy and low cost business finance to our clients every day. We make finance a local experience as often as possible. A national company with local people who like to visit, and love being invited back!

Our aim of making your experience excellent means that we strive to get it right first time, so customers don’t have to jump through hoops and we can ensure time scales are met and assets are delivered on time.

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Mark Samson

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Business Support & Offered Services

First Independent Finance offers 1 services.

First Independent Finance – Products

Asset Finance

Asset finance is used by hundreds of thousands of companies throughout the UK as it allows their business to grow at the pace they would like.

Invoice Finance

The costs of an invoice finance facility can be lower than you may think as the credit control function of a business can usually see a benefit in reduced costs as invoices are often chased by the provider of the cash flow finance facility.

Input Loans

At First Independent Finance Limited we understand the importance of helping our clients make confident choices when arranging their agricultural finance and, in particular, creating specialist finance products like our Farming Inputs Finance facility.


There are a variety of reasons why commercial mortgages are sought by people, from buying a commercial property to run a business from, to re-financing an existing premises in order to inject capital into an existing business.


In times like these when businesses are experiencing growth, it is easy to forget the control of business overheads which, if left unchecked, can heavily impact on the profit the business is making and can chip away at all the hard work done.


As one of the UK’s leading renewable energy finance companies, wind turbine finance providers, biomass heating funding arrangers and asset finance brokers, we have strong experience in providing the very best asset finance solutions, as well as other heavy-duty equipment for all kinds of industries

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