Funding Competitions for Businesses

Innovate UK Funding comp

If you want to develop an innovative product, process or service, you may be able to apply for funding of between £25,000 and £10 million.

Innovate UK runs funding competitions which can help you develop your idea and make it successful. Competitions are open for projects led by a UK-based company. Funding is awarded to the winners of these competitions.

The organisations funded

You can apply for funding if you are a UK based business. All kinds of businesses can apply – from pre-startup and new companies to large multi-nationals.

Type of projects  funded

You can apply for funding if you want to do one or more of the following:

  • to test the feasibility of your idea and make sure it will work
  • create a new product, process or service, or improve an existing one, through research and development
  • work with other businesses or research organisations on collaborative projects

Which Business Sectors are funded

There are opportunities for all innovative businesses their priorities are inthe 4 following sector groups:

Emerging and enabling technologies

  • emerging technologies including biofilms, energy efficient computing, energy harvesting, graphene and new imaging technologies
  • accelerated support for non-animal technologies, quantum technologies and synthetic biology
  • enabling technologies including cyber security, data, earth observation, electronics, sensors and photonics, internet of things, robotics and autonomous systems

Health and life sciences

  • precision medicine
  • advanced therapies including cell, gene and others
  • preclinical technologies
  • improving agriculture productivity
  • developing centres for agricultural innovation
  • enhanced food quality
  • biosciences

Infrastructure systems

  • energy systems and supply
  • transport systems
  • urban living
  • smart and resilient infrastructure

Manufacturing and materials

  • digital technologies for manufacturing and materials
  • manufacturing readiness at scale
  • early stage manufacturing and materials concepts

Find current funding competitions

The Innovate UK web site has all the funding competitions available at