Micro Business Matters Day – January 8th

youth enterprise bank

On Friday January 8th it is Micro Business Matters Day organised by Enterprise Rockers ( founded by Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden), the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank via Kit Hargreaves of Apple Pear, Johnny and Ross of Engaging Education and Louise Upfold of Weasie Wears and Tom Arran our official photographer will be taking part in Enterprising Young People Hour thanks to our great supporters at KC.

As supporters of  #MicroBizMattersDay website our young entrepreneurs feature as in the #RockingGuests section of the organisers of the day and on  http://microbizmattersday.rocks/john-cracknell-youth-enterprise-bank/ , There will be a link up with interested parties on the day via Skype and its another good way of showcasing Hull and young entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in supporting Micro Business Matters Day please contact Tina via tina@tinaboden.com – as Tina says #MicroBizMattersDay takes place everywhere in the world and any which way anyone chooses. January 8th is about at least 8  minutes of actions – online and offline – on the ground, in the air and on the sea. There are no rules and borders in enterprise. Do anything you like in your 8 minutes which you think will help one or more micro enterprise (0-9 employees) owners. http://microbizmattersday.rocks/what-is-microbizmattersday

On the day can you please share across your social media networks to spread the word about our involvement with #MicroBizMattersDay 2016 on Friday 8th January 2016.

Charles Cracknell FRSA
City Youth Enterprise Manager
Hull City Council